Three colleagues are doing teamwork by the desk of one of them.
Three colleagues are doing teamwork by the desk of one of them.

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An employee is doing a presentation by his desk to his two colleagues

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We believe that team spirit, mutual respect and job security are key to dynamic progress and opportunity within our companies. We work as a single team, with a shared awareness of our goals, direction and different roles, and an understanding of how we can use our expertise and passion together. What binds us together is the shared positive approach to our work and cooperation. Our workplace is large enough to offer great personal development opportunities – but small enough for the individual to thrive. 

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The developer of the Kyocera Philosophy is doing a presentation

Solid values based on the Kyocera Philosophy

Kyocera Unimerco has been part of the Kyocera Corporation since 2011. The transition from employee-owned company to being part of a Japanese conglomerate was very successful. This was particularly due to the values and culture of the Unimerco and Kyocera being a great match for each other. 

Dr. Kazuo Inamori founded the Kyocera Corporation, leading the company according to a very clear management philosophy - the Kyocera Philosophy.

An old village community

The communal spirit

The layout of our workplace is inspired by a simple and welcoming village. In a village, everyone knows each other and their functions. When we know the blacksmith, baker and grocer and what they do, how they contribute to keeping everything going, it gives us insight into and respect for their functions, and even better opportunities to work together successfully. We've applied this approach to our buildings, where production, stores and offices are combined in shared premises with no physical barriers. This supports a flat organisation, effective knowledge sharing and rapid communication.

2 colleagues talking in the office area


Our customers expect us to deliver good products on time. This makes demands of us, but we also know that by striking the right balance between work, family and leisure time, we will succeed. 
We are good at striking this balance – with opportunities to work from home, flexibility, or other schemes. If you are open about what suits you best, we have the structure to help, support and develop, enabling the individual to find the right work/life balance.

Man standing in front of a whiteboard during a meeting

Understanding provides security

At one time, Kyocera Unimerco was wholly owned by its employees. This meant that everyone had to have the same, detailed, information. We still prioritise this today. That's why employees receive the same information – at the same time – as the executive management. How can you be a good player if you are not familiar with the team, its structure or results? You can be with us. 

Examples include the daily noticeboard meetings, monthly café meetings, etc. to present the last month's results, new business initiatives and coming social events – and which are always open for questions and dialogue.

2 colleagues having a conversation next to a Saacke CNC machine


Get to know skilled colleagues who are all passionate about their work, and want to do that little bit extra, every day, to provide the best for our customers. Yet expertise only has value if it can be used in cooperation with others. Everyone can make a difference when team identity and cooperation are key terms. Our colleagues are individuals who use their best efforts and values to strengthen the entire team, so that together we can achieve even better results.

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Become a part of the community

We appreciate the companionship of our colleagues, as we believe that close social relations and a sense of community contribute to maintaining a good workplace for everyone. We know each other, trust each other and value good colleagues. 

You will be part of the community, with the opportunity to join our employee clubs, use our on-site fitness centre, enjoy the canteen, attend departmental events and company parties, be part of the profit-sharing scheme, and much more. Read more about the opportunities we offer on the individual company websites.

A group of three different employees are standing side by side in the production area, looking directly into the camera
A group of three different employees are standing side by side in the production area, looking directly into the camera

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