Kyocera introduces its variety of innovations at EMO Hannover 2023

From September 18-23, the company participates at the trade fair in Hannover, Germany,
following its approach for more sustainability by advancing productivity.

August 23, 2023

EMO 2023

Kyoto/Neuss, 28. August 2023
Kyocera participates at EMO Hannover 2023 (Hall 5, stand D70), which takes place from 18 to 23 September. The company will be showcasing its all-new range of cutting-edge tools and solutions designed to support the metalworking industry, specifically automotive, electric vehicle, aerospace and energy sectors. Kyocera’s durable, high performance tools help manufacturers maximize efficiency in metalworking operations. By leveraging innovative materials and the latest technology, Kyocera’s offerings provide users with an optimized overall machining experience starting from new coatings for milling and turning to new milling cutters for a wide range of applications.


High-performing and durable products

Kyocera’s products stand for excellent quality and durability. In doing so, the company introduces new grades series PR18 (PR1825, PR1835, PR1810) for next-generation PVD coating. These three new grades can be applied to current and new milling cutter systems, including face mills, shoulder face mills, profile cutters and high feed cutters. Due to Kyocera's innovative double coating technology with a special nano-coating called MEGACOAT NANO EX, customers can expect to get up to 2.5 times longer tool life than they would with conventional tools.


Product overview
Product name
  • designed for steel
  • wear resistance oriented
  • excellent balance of hardness, toughness and versatility
  • designed for steel and stainless steel
  • stability oriented
  • offers superior impact resistance and stability by utilizing a proprietary particle shape for improved thermal conductivity
  • designed for cast iron
  • use of a proprietary base material with excellent thermal conductivity
  • achieves stable processing of cast iron


Kyocera PR18

Kyocera’s latest milling cutters with new PR18

Next level milling

Furthermore, Kyocera is also introducing its new cutters MB45 and MA90 milling cutters, which offer high-performance machining solutions that are durable and versatile. Thanks to the new versatile 45° and high quality 90° cutters, the company guarantees next level milling. The MEGACOAT NANO EX coating technology that is implemented in the PR18 series allows extended tool life. The MB45 also deliver the “low cutting force” benefits of positive inserts and the “fracture resistance” features of negative inserts, as well as providing an excellent surface finish. Due to those facts, the MB45 cutters symbolize an adequate solution for general machining and are valuable to new machining solution challenges. On the other hand, the MA90 and its grade PR18 series coating technology provide high quality surface finish, excellent wall accuracy, multi-functional machining and extended tool life.

As Kyocera aims to contribute to a more efficient world, both products contribute to a carbon neutral society by reducing waste. At the same time, they offer cost savings, reduced downtime and inventory.

Kyocera MA90
Kyocera MA90


Kyocera MB45

Kyocera MB45

Coating characteristics of Kyocera’s MEGACOAT NANO EX milling

Coating characteristics of Kyocera’s MEGACOAT NANO EX milling

New PVD coated carbide grades for heat resistant alloys

With the introduction of PR115S and PR120S, Kyocera has developed special PVD-coated carbide grades for machining heat-resistant alloys. The new grades feature a unique carbide substrate with powerful heat-resistant properties. Additionally, MEGACOAT TOUGH, a new PVD coating technology, ensures longer tool life and stable machining. However, PR115S is the first recommendation for continuous finishing of heat-resistant alloys, while the PR120S is the first recommendation for continuous finishing to light interrupted machining of stainless steel.


New CVD coated carbide grades for steel turning

Kyocera's CVD carbide grades for steel turning, CA115P and CA125P, aim to set a new milestone in the metalworking industry. The two grades stand for their wear and fracture resistance, longer tool life and highly efficient machining in a wide range of machining applications. Additionally, the new PMG chipbreaker adds more extra value to tool life and tooling quality thanks to its excellent chip control.  


Turning insert with new grades “"CA115P/CA125P””
Turning insert with new grades “"CA115P/CA125P””

Turning insert with new grades “CA115P/CA125P”

New KAV anti-vibration boring bar

Deep hole boring puts significant stress on the workpiece and the lathe itself. Maintaining rigidity and stability throughout the operation is essential to avoid vibrations, chatter, or deflection, which can lead to poor surface finish, dimensional inaccuracies, and even tool breakage. Here comes the new KAV into action. Kyocera offers a unique anti-vibration mechanism which provides superior anti-chatter performance. A built-in proprietary damper technology dampens vibration while a superior anti-chatter performance over carbide bars is being realized. Customers can expect improved surface finish, enhanced dimensional accuracy, longer tool life and increased productivity.



KAV consist of a serrated structure that securely fastens head and shank



Principle of vibration suppression by anti-vibration mechanism


About EMO 2023 Hannover

Taking place every two years, EMO (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil) is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for the machining industry. As services and products continue to evolve, the show has become more focused on all aspects of manufacturing technology, as well as related topics and issues such as industry and cross-industry networking and education. In the 2023 edition, Kyocera will be located in the hall 5 at stand D70.


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