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MagicDrill DRA

Reliable processing of steel beams

September 14, 2022

MagicDrill DRA

The construction industry continues to boom and steel beams are an elementary part of this process chain. Therefore, it is even more important that the final product is produced reliably in the specified quality and time. With the MagicDrill DRA series, Kyocera offers the right answer to these requirements.

The MagicDrill DRA is a highly efficient modular drill that combines superb drilling accuracy with excellent chip control. The drill bit ensures high stability.

It is 20% larger than that of competitors, and its helix angle and flute design have been optimised which prevents deflection. The excellent drilling accuracy is achieved by reducing the cutting force by means of a special S-shaped chisel edge that minimises thrust and vibration during drilling.


Magicdrill DRA from Kyocera

MagicDrill DRA’s development background

Presently, there are a diverse range of materials to be processed which are also becoming lighter and lighter. Therefore, a drill needs to be capable of being used for different materials while maintaining high drilling precision.

Drilling accuracy is a function of the holder’s stability and the degree of deflection during drilling. A larger drill bit reduces deflection and thus increases stability and drilling accuracy.

However, clamping or jamming of chips may occur due to the smaller chip flute, particularly when drilling deep holes. With MagicDrill DRA, Kyocera optimally resolves this conflict between greater stability and smaller chip flute.


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