The KPK series is the stable High-Performance solution for grooving and cut-off operations

February 20, 2024

KPK is a series of grooving and cut-off tools that provide both a stable and safe process, good surfaces, and maximum efficiency

The departing process is often a bottleneck or a final process that requires a seamless process. Kyocera's unique KPK range ensures you the very best performance in grooving- and cut-off operations due to its innovative design and great flexibility. The range of tools provides attractive surfaces, maximum power, and high precision, even in demanding conditions. KPK delivers a beautiful finish all the way to the center of the workpiece, where chips are evacuated efficiently without damaging either tool or workpiece.


Kyocera KPK Series

Innovative holder design

The clever design of the holder makes replacing the insert easy and hassle-free with the corresponding key, production can be maintained. The insert is held in the holder with a strong clamping mechanism, which is designed with centering V-grooves, to avoid vibrations and achieve a stable and safe process. The cutting widths, which measure from 1.6 – 6 mm, provide a nice finish and a safe process all the way to the center of the workpiece, where the cutting speed decreases, but chips are still evacuated efficiently without damaging either tool or workpiece.


Kyocera KPK Series


Tool holders are available as shank type, but also as blade type, and both variants are available with or without internal cooling channels. By using cooling channel (JCT) solutions, you ensure the correct supply of cooling directly into the cutting zone, contributing to excellent chip control and significant increase in tool life. JCT variants can withstand cooling water pressures up to 70 bar – and the higher the pressure – the longer the tool life. Replaceable blade holder solutions make it possible to exchange the blade as needed, and thus the width of the insert.

Key advantages
  • Unique design of the holder means that the insert is replaced easily and quickly, thus minimizing downtime, and increasing production.
  • Strong clamping mechanism fixes the insert efficiently and smartly, so you can count on a stable and safe production without vibration and with great results.
  • Long and predictable tool life with outstanding chipbreaker design resulting in stable machining and reduced tool costs.
  • Integral type holders or holders with replaceable blade are available with or without internal cooling channels (JCT).
  • With KPK JCT, the correct supply of cooling water directly into the cutting zone is ensured, so chips are evacuated efficiently, and the tool life is significantly increased.
Mounting of insert on toolholder

Unique chipbreaker design

The advanced chipbreaker technology, which is also known from our KGD products, provides excellent chip control and thus a stable process that makes the tool very suitable for high productivity.

  • PM-chipbreaker
    General use – for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.
  • PH-chipbreaker
    For high-feed with strengthened cutting edge – in steel and stainless steel.


If you are interested in hearing more about the KPK series, or Kyocera Unimerco's many services such as advice on process optimization, asset management or tailor-made tooling solutions for your own production, please contact Kyocera's consultant in your area.


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