KAV - Interchangeable head boring bars with anti-vibration dampener system

A unique anti-vibration mechanism which provides superior anti-chatter performance.

July 3, 2023


Deep hole boring puts significant stress on the workpiece and the lathe itself. Maintaining rigidity and stability throughout the operation is essential to avoid vibrations, chatter, or deflection, which can lead to poor surface finish, dimensional inaccuracies, and even tool breakage. Here comes the KAV into action. Kyocera offers a unique anti-vibration mechanism which provides superior anti-chatter performance. A built-in proprietary damper technology dampens vibration while a superior anti-chatter performance over carbide bars is being realized.



1. Improved Surface Finish: 

Vibration during the boring process can result in poor surface finish, including chatter marks or uneven surfaces. An anti-vibration mechanism in the boring bar helps dampen or eliminate vibrations, leading to a smoother cutting action and improved surface finish of the bored hole.


2. Enhanced Dimensional Accuracy: 

Vibration can cause dimensional inaccuracies in deep hole boring, leading to deviations from the desired hole diameter or concentricity. By reducing or eliminating vibrations, an anti-vibration boring bar helps maintain better dimensional accuracy, ensuring the hole is within the required tolerances.


3. Longer Tool Life: 

Excessive vibrations can accelerate tool wear, leading to shorter tool life and frequent tool changes. An anti-vibration mechanism in the boring bar helps reduce the stress and impact on the cutting tool, resulting in extended tool life and reduced tooling costs.

KAV Kyocera
4. Increased Productivity: 

By minimizing vibrations, an anti-vibration boring bar allows for higher cutting speeds and feeds without compromising the quality of the bore. This can lead to increased productivity by reducing machining cycle times and improving overall efficiency.


A variety of internal machining processes are possible with interchangeable heads with available shank diameters from 16 mm to 32 mm (Max L/D = 7, 10). Strong hold with serrated joint structure brings the extra stability. An easy cutting-edge adjustment with E-Sleeve design is helping to make it an easy machining setup.


Interchangeable head type opens a variety of machining applications and with a strong fastening with serrated joint structure it is also easy and reliable to use.

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