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May 2, 2024

Strong, precise and reliable series for safe machining of small workpieces.

The all-new KGZ series from Kyocera for small part production is a comprehensive line-up of toolholders and inserts developed for automatic lathes – also known as Swiss-machining. All holders in the KGZ series have a newly developed design and clamping mechanism for strong clamping of the insert, which is unique and specially developed for applications such as grooving and cut-off, but can also easily be used for axial and longitudinal turning.

KGZ application in focus


The newly developed and robust design of the KGZ series makes it very suitable when it comes to combining efficiency and productivity with durability and reduced process time. Holders in the series are available in a wide range of designs with shaft diameters from 10×10 – 25×25, just as holders with integrated cooling channels that ensure correct supply of coolant/lubricant directly into the cutting zone are also an option. With optimal cooling on the cutting edge, you can either turn up the speed and shorten the process time in the machining lathe or normalize the feed speed and give your tool a significantly longer tool life.

Easy insert replacement

The design of the KGZ tool makes replacing inserts both quick and easy, so productivity can be maintained. When a new insert is mounted in the holder, it is centered in position via a V-shaped profile at the top and bottom of the insert, and at the same time supports on the rear edge of the insert seat, so that the insert achieves the best stability throughout five surfaces. When the clamping mechanism in the holder is tightened, the plate is pulled down and back into the plate seat. This ensures a robust and strong bonding of the insert, which makes KGZ stable both when producing beautiful surfaces or with high chip volume and efficiency.

Cloe sup insert area of KGZ


The Inserts are developed for small diameters, are available in widths from 1.3 – 3 mm. All inserts in this range are reversible, have 2 edges per inserts, and have an excellent tool life with Kyocera's new PR20 coating technology. The result of reversible inserts with the PR20 series is increased wear resistance, and thus reduced tool costs, which ultimately means minimizing costs per part and consequently increased bottom line.

Chipbreakers for safe processes

For this series of cut-off tools there is a large selection of geometries. The inserts are available with 4 different chipbreaker designs (PF, PM, PH and PG) in different qualities. The chipbreaker range is developed for applications from finishing-medium-roughing applications, as well as high feed machining of a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron – but also aluminum alloys.

Short chips

Kyocera has developed a range of intelligent chipbreaker designs to ensure your process runs smoothly – chips are efficiently evacuated from the cutting zone – and cut with low cutting forces. The chipbreakers ensure short, broken chips, which makes the KGZ series an unsurpassed solution for processes in automated production lines where anti-vibration design, process safety and durability are keywords. At the same time, you achieve beautiful surfaces all the way to the center as well as predictable and long tool life.



Newly developed PR20 series

Kyocera launches a new MEGACOAT NANO EX nano coating technology for KGZ series inserts − PR20. This new and particularly durable coating, which consists of several thin layers with different properties, is applied to the carbide substrate of the core, which together form an insert with high wear and break resistance as well as strong heat-resistant properties. This unique composition makes the insert applicaable in many applications, and at the same time ensures an extraordinarily good tool life and thus increased bottom line.

Line up in the PR20 series:
  • PR2015: For cast iron – but also for steel and stainless steel
  • PR2025: First choice for steel – but can also be used for stainless steel
  • PR2035: Especially for stainless steel – but also steel grades
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