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Uni-X circular fish knives

With a longer life span and less need for grinding, the Uni-X circular fish knives limit downtime and reduce waste in the production

September 4, 2022

Uni-X circular knives

Equipment that cuts costs is in demand in the fish processing industry. This includes durable knives for cutting machines to reduce waste.

Uni-X circular knives enable a closer cut to the fish bone, thus reducing waste and cutting costs, while ensuring a high quality end product.

Less grinding saves time

A composition of materials makes the Uni-X knife stronger compared to traditional stainless steel knives. Therefore, it can be used for longer periods without regrinding. When eventually ground, the process is much faster.

Some of our customers have used the Uni-X for 170 hours without regrinding, resulting in fewer stops in production.

Furthermore, only a small part of the knife is removed when ground. This reduces wear on the knife, giving it a longer life span and making it quicker to regrind.


"The industry demands cost-effective solutions, and a knife that remains sharp supports this."

Hanne-Mette Christensen, Area Sales Manager

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