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Standard or customised tooling solutions to make your production as efficient as possible.

Boring and hinge boring

Dowel joints, borings and millings for hinges and fittings or construction bores. Drills are among the oldest wood processing tools. To get shorter cycle time through higher feed speeds, they can help the production process and increase the productivity in general. Ensure longer tool life with different types of tool coating solutions.

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Dowel drills for woodworking

Dowel drills

With our high process drills you get chip-free entry side, clean holes and a constant quality and tolerance to minimise pre-work.

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Through-hole drills for woodworking

Through-hole drills

Get high-process safety with chip-free holes on both sides of the product. Our through-hole drills are ideal for several machining types with high capacity.

Cylinder boring bits for woodworking

Cylinder boring bits

You can expect chip-free drilling with accurate boring and no tear out. We have cylinder boring bits with or without replaceable inserts for longer tool life.

Step drills for woodworking

Step drills

We offer special-designed step drills meeting your specific demands. The design enables you to make holes with two diameters in one pass to lower unit costs.

Lock case cutters for woodworking

Lock case cutters

The improved geometry of our lock case cutters gives less vibrations. As a result, the feed speed can be increased and the tool life will be improved.

Mortise chisel for woodworking

Mortise chisel

We manufacture mortise chisel according to your specific specifications. And they can be provided with tool life prolonging coating.

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