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Standard or customised tooling solutions to make your production as efficient as possible.

Planing and jointing

Planing of the scantlings is the basis for high-quality and functional window or door elements. The demands placed on these working steps are very high. Dimensions must be observed, and the later visible surfaces of the component must be planed perfectly on the interior and exterior sides.

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Cutter heads for woodworking

Planer heads and SoftCut cutters

With one of our user-friendly systems for rough planning, you achieve higher performance with a minimum of tear-up. They are all economically and environmentally friendly solutions.

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Cutter heads for woodworking

Cutter heads for fine planing

Our solutions for fine planing are designed to deliver excellent surface quality that reduces the need for post-processing work and keeps the unit cost low.

Vertical radius cutter heads for woodworking

Vertical radius cutter heads

These cutter heads are ideal for finishing planing. They deliver excellent surface on visible counter radius and reduce the need for post-processing.

Finger jointing for woodworking

Finger jointing

Our solutions are compatible with almost any machine and feed rate, ensuring quality products and long tool life.

EasyCut tools for woodworking

EasyCut tools

With its uneven tooth position, EasyCut is optimised to get you long tool life and decrease post-processing with excellent cutting quality.

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