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Robocrib - Intelligent tool management
Robocrib - Intelligent tool management


Minimise downtime by optimising your product flow with efficient tool management.
Keep your stock updated around the clock - making sure you never experience shortages.

ROBOCRIB TX750® - optimum utilisation of the storage space

RoboCrib® TX750 vending machine

RoboCrib® TX750 - 987 locations

The system with the smallest bin size configuration provides up to 987 locations in roughly the same footprint as other equivalent RoboCrib® machines or other competing vending machines. The patented plastic bin shelf system, put together with the incredibly flexible tambour style door, gives the optimum utilisation of the storage space.

  • Dimensions: 87 x 202 x 106 cm
  • 987 locations
Easy setup of access control

Easy setup of access control. Determine who can obtain access to the system and keep the full overview of your stock, user activity, cost allocation and much more.

Bin size example
You decide the bin size

Highly flexible configuration regarding bin sizes. We will help you with the initial setup and then it is easy to reconfigure if your needs change.

Access to one bin at the time
Control and safety

You only obtain access to one item location at the time, hereby eliminating waste and incorrect picking of tools resulting in your inventory always being up to date.


Please find further details about Intelligent Tool Management in the brochure. 

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