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Standard or customised tooling solutions to make your production as efficient as possible.

Shortening and trimming

Mixed production of hardwoods and softwoods, domestic and exotic woods as well as scantlings (with and without insulating elements) place high demands on the tools used. Resistance and wear resistance of the cutting edges from mixed production have an impact on the potential life of the tools. It is particularly important to cut the workpiece on both sides as pollution on the face sides has a negative effect on the subsequent machining steps.

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Crosscut saw blades for woodworking

Crosscut saw blades
for automatic feed

Designed to produce a smooth cut across the grain, without splintering or tearing. This results in excellent edge and surface quality.

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Hoggers for woodworking

Hoggers for higher capacity

Get the right hogger for optimised feed rate, improved waste management and higher production capacity.

Circular saw blades for woodworking

Circular saw blades for manual feed

Our low noise circular saw blades give you optimised cutting quality, longer tool life and less post-processing.

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