Solid wood furniture
Solid wood furniture

Solid wood

Based on individual taste and needs with a modern or classical
expression crafted in natural wood.

Sizing and moulding

When sizing or moulding solid wood, features such as surface, low vibration and geometry are very important to get the required cutting quality. The features also help getting longer tool life and less noise.

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Crosscut saw blades for woodworking

Rough cutting, scoring and sizing circular saw blades

Choosing the right blade can be a challenge. Tooth type and cutting speed are essential for the product quality, and with our circular saw blades you get a better manufacturing economy.

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Ripping saw blades for woodworking

Ripping saw blades

Our ripping saw blades are constructed with focus on optimum wood yield which is achieved through thin kerfs.

Planer head for woodworking

Planer heads and SoftCut cutters

With one of our user-friendly systems for rough planning and/or jointing, you achieve higher performance with a minimum of tear-up. They are all economically and environmentally friendly solutions.

Hoggers for format cutting

Hoggers for format cutting

Finding the right hogger allows you to meet any customer demands without compromising the product quality.

Roughing and sizing shank cutters for woodworking

Roughing and sizing shank cutters

These cutters come in standard and customised designs and with features such as optimum chip evacuation and better fastening of the material.

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