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New MB45 versatile 45° cutter
New grades PR115S/PR120S for HRSA

Kyocera has released two new products in Europe:
The MB45 45° face mill for general machining
PR115S/PR120S – PVD coated turning insert grades for heat-resistant alloy

May 31, 2023

MB45 and PR115S/PR120S

MB45 tools


The new MB45 cutters provide high quality and high-performance machining solutions that are long lasting and versatile. The unique MEGACOAT NANO EX coating technology (PR18 series) allows for extended tool life and the cutters also deliver the “low cutting force” benefits of positive inserts and the “fracture resistance” benefits of negative inserts, as well as providing an excellent surface finish.

Megacoat Nano EX Kyocera

With these advanced features, the MB45 cutters are the perfect solution for general machining and valuable to new machining solution challenges.


PR115S / PR120S Kyocera


The new PR115S/PR120S grades are specially designed for machining heat-resistant alloy. The new grades feature a unique carbide substrate with excellent heat-resistant properties and a new PVD coating technology called MEGACOAT TOUGH that provides longer tool life.

Megacoat Tough Kyocera

The PR115S is the first recommendation for continuous finishing of heat-resistant alloys, while the PR120S is the first recommendation for continuous finishing to light interrupted machining of stainless steel. Both products are designed to offer long tool life and stable machining.


Application map - Heat resistant alloys



Application map - Stainless steel


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