Coating centre at Kyocera Unimerco
Coating centre at Kyocera Unimerco


Coating your tools with one of Kyocera Unimerco’s surface coatings
give your tool several great properties which will improve function as well as tool life.


Coating your tools with Kyocera Unimerco’s surface coatings give your tools several great properties which will improve functionality as well as tool life. The coatings are characterised by beeing developed to improve the machine process in specific materials and applications. 

In-house coating centres

The Kyocera Unimerco manufacturing sites have in-house coating centres and highly skilled personnel to ensure optimum coating quality including pre- and post treatment processes. We optimise the performance of a wide range of tool types by applying a variety of coatings. 

Your benefits
  • Up to 5-10 times longer tool life
  • Increased cutting speed
  • RE•NEW Reconditioning and re-coating can be applied several times
  • Less post-processing
  • Increased capacity

It all results in in a better overall economy.


Kyocera Unimerco in-house coating centre

"Our in-house coating centres specialise in unique coatings by Kyocera Unimerco"

Kenneth Nystrup, Technical Manager at Kyocera Unimerco

C1 coating for HSS and knives
C1: Flexible coating for HSS drills and knives
  • High flexibility and moderate hardness.
  • Used on HSS drills for metal machining, especially when instability is an issue.
  • Suitable for a wide range of knife applications for plastic and rubber cutting.
C3 universal coating
C3: Universal coating
  • Suitable for most applications.
  • Suitable for carbide drilling and milling tools for metal machining where the heat generation is relatively high.
C5 low-temperature coating
C5: Low-temperature coating
  • Used mainly on temperature-sensitive workpieces, as the coating temperature is reduced to approx. 250° C.
  • Used widely in the woodworking industry, for example for blade bodies (to prevent burn marks) and for finger jointing tools.
  • Used for cutting operations in copper.
C7 Nanocomposite coating
C7: Nanocomposite coating
  • Extremely suitable for dry machining in metal.
  • Very heat resistant, maintaining stability and superior features up to 1200° C.
  • Unique hardness of 45 GPa.
C8 coating
C8: Exceptionally hard and tough coating
  • Ideal for machining aluminium with low silicon content due to the surface and the low chemical affinity.
  • Optimised for woodworking applications where it delivers amazing results.
C10 coating
C10: New universal coating for most materials
  • Impressively high and stable performance.
  • The improved properties and high wear resistance helps to reduce edge wear and fractures.
  • Provides longer tool life and improved surface finish.

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