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MFH Boost for High Feed milling with large depth of cuts

April 22, 2024

With the MFH Boost series, you are guaranteed an efficient process with cutting depths up to 2.5 mm

When chip volume and speed need to go hand-in-hand with stability and reliability, MFH Boost is an exciting solution that you should take a closer look at. MFH Boost is a series of efficient High Feed milling cutters that feature specially designed convex insert that make it perfect in a wide range of applications with cutting depths up to 2.5 mm (ap). MFH Boost is thus the obvious choice for, among other things, facing and contour milling, slotting, and helical milling, ramping and plunging where a lot of material needs to be removed in the shortest possible time.

The MFH Boost series is an extremely efficient solution in medium-roughing applications in general machining but is also very suitable for segments such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing where sustained, stable and safe production is required. The series is available in dimensions from Ø22 - 80 mm (Z2-Z10), and you are assured of a highly efficient process in materials such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron - but also heat-resistant alloys such as titanium


MFH Boost several types


MFH Boost series cutters are available as face mill, end mill or screw-on types, all using the same durable GM inserts that are reversible and have 4 cutting edges per insert. This ensures you an economical tooling solution with long and predictable tool life that is fast, versatile and reliable, while reducing your cutting tool costs to a minimum.

MFH Boost with PSC interface

Kyocera manufactures a wide range of machining tools for turning, grooving and milling that are compatible with ISO PSC interfaces – C3, C4, C5 and C6.

As something new, you can now also buy MFH Boost with ISO PSC interface, a system with polygonal sides and double contact surfaces that ensures an even distribution of forces, resulting in increased centering and stability of the tool. This means you can achieve better looking surfaces, higher throughput and improved tool life when compared to traditional recording systems.


MFH Boost PSC type
Key benefits of MFH Boost
  • Increased chip volume compared to conventional High Feed milling cutters up to 2.5 mm (ap) provides maximum throughput in your existing production setup
  • Double-sided 4-corner insert ensures long and predictable tool life, helping to reduce your total production costs
  • Wiper profile on the sides of the insert minimizes steps during repeated contour milling of the workpiece.
  • Extensive line-up of cutter types, and dimensions from Ø22 – 80 mm, with anti-vibration design for efficient machining in medium-roughing applications
  • The milling machine series has a very wide range of applications in different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and titanium, which means that cutting tool costs are minimized.

If you want to hear more about the MFH Boost series or how they can make a difference in your production, contact our experts. We offer both advice in choosing the best tool for your needs, but also help with the implementation of the solution in your production, so you achieve the best starting point for an optimal process.

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