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EQS Edge-Sealing System for through-feed machine
EQS Edge-Sealing System for through-feed machine

EQS Edge-Sealing System

EQS Edge-Sealing System for through-feed machine. Designed to harden edges and smoothen
the surface on MDF boards to avoid expensive aftertreatment.

MDF edge with EQS


The EQS Edge-Sealing System for through-feed machines gives you significant reductions in production time and costs - without compromising the quality of your products. The system is designed to make milled MDF board edges smooth and shiny by “closing” the edge surface, reducing the time and cost consuming aftertreatment.

When producing painted MDF doors, the biggest cost is priming and painting process. Therefore, adding the EQS Edge-Sealing System to your machine lines can lead to a significant reduction in aftertreatment costs by 30-50%, offering an excellent return on investment.

MDF Sealing System for woodworking


  • The EQS Edge-Sealing System gives you one of the best return on investment per produced unit
  • Increase the working speeds on your main machine lines
  • Reduces your general cost on coating and painting processes
  • Reduce your VOC emissions in an Eco-Friendly way
  • No sanding before coating
  • Only one coat of primer
  • Less drying time of the primer
  • Less sanding / de-nibbing of the primer
  • Reduction in downtime
MDF edge sealing system

How does it work?

By pressing a rotating hot wheel against the MDF edge, the friction heat makes the edge surfaces smooth and shiny, so it is easy to paint afterwards. The process is controlled by the EQS-software, which regulates heat, speed, and pressure individually to ensure quality and avoid adjustment downtime.

Combining the EQS Edge-Sealing System with one of our high shear cutting tools e.g. EasyCut, ensures the full potential of the treatment.

The system can be adapted to nearly every type of edge profile. Making it fit a wide range of applications and design variations.

Adapts to almost any machine line

The EQS Edge-Sealing System can be adapted to almost any existing machine line as the EQS-unit doesn’t take more than 50 x 30 cm (19.7 x 11.8 inches) of space. The EQS hot wheel can be produced in many sizes and with profiles based on your needs and production speeds.

The temperature of the EQS hot wheel never exceeds 135 degrees Celsius (275 degrees Fahrenheit), which means that you don’t have to worry about the system causing fire. Additionally, the relatively low temperature reduces downtime and cooling time when changing tools.


  • Reduce your use of primer and solvents with 30%
  • Reduce the energy consumption for drying due to fewer coating applications
  • Reduce your labor costs for MDF edge sanding
  • A typical cost reduction of 30% to 50% 

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