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EQS Technology System for woodworking
EQS Technology System for woodworking

EQS Technology System

Designed to harden edges and smoothen the surface
on MDF boards to avoid expensive aftertreatment.


Get a much more homogenous/uniform surface, so the finishing process becomes much easier and faster.

When MDF boards are milled, unfortunately, the fibers tend to swell like on a stiff brush. If you want the edge to have a surface of the same quality as the board, expensive priming is required before you can topcoat the edge. With EQS you can reduce the high after-treatment and priming costs.

The EQS system is designed to close these edges and get the same surface quality as the top of the board. It also hardens the middle layer of the MDF edge. Which not only makes it the surface edge look and feel smoother, it also increases hardness and strength. So, the risk of edge cracking are reduced.



  • Designed to harden and strengthen edge and surface on MDF boards to avoid expensive aftertreatment
  • For CNC machines and through-feed
  • Improved edge and board quality
  • Reduce time consuming aftertreatment and priming costs
  • Avoid or postpone investments in paint systems
  • Improved working environment, and more satisfied employee
  • Better competitiveness

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