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Ring-free machining.

Machining spool bore holes in hydraulic valve bodies, hydraulic pumps etc. in cast iron often involves a number of challenges in the machining process.
Our self-developed 3-way solution which consists of pilot drill, ring-free reamer and UM grooving land tool has the following benefits:

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  • A straight hole free of rings
  • Excellent size consistency
  • Huge cycle-time reduction normally up to 50%
  • Optimised tolerances


Spool bore hole Kyocera Unimerco

Watch our tools in action

Watch our self-developed 3-way solution to machine spool bore holes faster and with more consistency.

Our solution consists of a pilot drill, a ring-free reamer and the UM grooving land tool.

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Pilot drill

1. Pilot drill

  • Pre-machine for further precision
  • Spotface can be added
  • Different steps for threads possible to reduce the total machine time
Ring-free reamer

2. Ring-free reamer

  • Eliminates any rings during reaming, so no manual handling getting the rings out is neccesary which can be very time consuming/difficult work
  • The tiny chips are flushed out at the end leaving the workpiece ready for the grooving land tool
UM Grooving land tool

3. UM Grooving land tool

  • One-shot solution which can reduce the machine time by as much as 70%
  • Tight tolerances are built into the tool for more precise machining
  • Designed to avoid vibrations, making it more reliable
  • Can be used in cast iron, aluminium and steel materials
Case story

Case story

Read our case story, where we managed to reduce the production costs by 50% and improve the quality of the machined holes in the finished workpieces.

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