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Grooving land tool - Explained

By using our UM grooving land tool instead of a conventional groving mill you will see considerable reduction in machine time by up to 70%.
You will also be able to machine with much tighter tolerances since all the cutting edges are built into one tool while still keeping the vibrations to a minimum.

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  • Experience a one-shot solution that can reduce the machine time by up to 70%
  • Tight tolerances in the tool makes it possible to make high quality products in no time


Standard groove mill

Standard groove mill

The conventional method.

This is an extremely time consuming operation where you also risk that the tolerances between each groove are not within the acceptable limits.

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UM Grooving land tool

UM Grooving land tool

Part of our self-developed 3-way process.

The UM Grooving land tool makes it possible to make all the grooves in a one-shot operation,  which makes is much faster to machine while keeping the tolerances between each groove much tighter compared to the standard groove mill.

Watch our tools in action

Watch our self-developed 3-way solution to machine spool bore holes faster and with more consistency.

Our solution consists of a pilot drill, a ring-free reamer and the UM grooving land tool.

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