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Ring-free reamer - Explained

One of the most common problems when machining spool bore holes is that the bore by the rough pass reamer creates rings that get stuck in the component. The following manual removal of these rings prior to finishing/assembly is a time consuming and costly process.
Our patented process strategy and technology can help you eliminate the rings, thus resulting in considerable savings.

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  • Get rid of rings in the spool bore hole
  • Avoid manually removal of the rings
  • Save a lot of time and costs


Straight fluted reamer

Straight fluted reamer

The conventional method.

Here the risk of leaving rings inside the workpieces after machining is far bigger than the ring-free solution.

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Ring-free reamer

Ring-free reamer

Part of our self-developed 3-way process.

The ring-free reamer makes sure that all the rings are being removed and split into tiny chips, which are then flushed out of the workpiece.

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Watch our self-developed 3-way solution to machine spool bore holes faster and with more consistency.

Our solution consists of a pilot drill, a ring-free reamer and the UM grooving land tool.

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